Retrothon is a series of mini tournaments in which anyone can register for one or multiple tournaments. Each tournament will have their own particular sets of rules and format based on the number of entries. Generally there will be a qualifying round robin format and then an elimination tournament to follow.

These will be played on consoles with the original cartridges. In most cases, we will be using CRT TVs.

I selected the choices of games as they were my favourite sports games growing up and are generally considered amoung the best sports games ever!

But don't take my word for it....

ESPN's top 25 sports video games have Tecmo Super Bowl (#1), NHL '94 (#2), Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (#3), NBA Jam (#9). R.B.I. Baseball (#15), Ice Hockey (#23). Okay so it's not NBA JAM Tournament Edition, but they're basically the same game, except Tournament Edition has more features. 

NBA Jam, NHL' 94 and Ice hockey each take about 10-12 minutes to play. Tecmo Super Bowl is around 20 minutes per game. R.B.I. Baseball can vary as there is a 10 run mercy rule after a completed inning, but generally around 20 minutes for a game.

Retro Video tournaments are nothing new, but this live tournament started for me in Saskatoon in January 2015. Mikey McBryan had started filming his documentary Pixelated Heroes and asked us to put on a tournament for NHL'94 on the Super Nintendo. We had 13 participate and a Trophy awarded to the winner.  We had a much larger NHL '94 tournament in Toronto in September called the King of '94 where there were approximately 120 players that played on both Sega and Super Nintendo. We extended that King of '94 NHL '94 tournament in Saskatoon in January 2016. We had 13 people compete in Sega Genesis and 16 compete in Super Nintendo and gave away cash prizes and a trophy for the winner. In November 2016, we had 25 people participate over a series of games. Thanks to a NHL'94 community member, Mike C. aka smozoma, he uploaded some videos from the stream he provided for us. You can check those out here.

All tournaments will have a trophy for the winner and cash prizes. **Prize money to be determined based on number of entries.

If you haven't played these games in a long time, there's lots of information you can google to gain additional knowledge.

Here's some sites that may be helpful.

The Ultimate NHL'94 Strategy Guide

R.B.I. Baseball Strategies


How to knock out Mike Tyson

NBA JAM Tournament Edition (I found NBA JAM tournament Edition much harder to google search a decent strategy guide. This was the best I could find.)